On Saturday, October 28, 2023, Janice, Mikayla, and I conducted a casual investigation of a Cemetery.  Janice was listening to live EVP with my Sony digital voice recorder and noted that she heard whispering several times.  The first EVP you can hear whispering, but it is indistinguishable as to what it says.  The second EVP I did not post, because it was practically impossible to hear over the sound of leaves crunching under our feet.  The third EVP, Janice said she heard a whisper say "I'm scared."  Please note that it was unseasonable warm out for this time of year, so crickets can be heard in the background.

The fist EVP is the indistinguishable whispering


This is the EVP which sounds like it says "I'm Scared."

http://sslapinsky.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/im scaredmp3.mp3|im scaredmp3

These next EVPs were captured on a separate voice recorder, being used by Mikayla.  This first EVP is the previous "indistinguishable whispering." Its clearer on this recorder, and I slowed it down to .75x speed and you can hear it says "EVP." Its an EVP that says "EVP." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This next EVP was captured on Mikayla's voice recorder and you can hear a voice say "go back, go back"

http://sslapinsky.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/go back go back.mp3|go back go back

An EVP that says "hey."


Another EVP that says "hey" that we caught about a half hour later in the investigation.

http://sslapinsky.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/hey 2.mp3|hey 2

A third EVP that says "hey."  Caught this about 5 minutes after the second "hey."

http://sslapinsky.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/hey 3.mp3|hey 3