We will now explain what equipment we are currently utilizing and how it works to detect entities!  The paranormal field is constantly growing, with new and updated equipment constantly becoming available. 
     There is no instrument to specifically detect spirits; therefore, we rely on equipment to detect fluctuations in the atmosphere caused by spirits in order to detect their presence.  For example, spirits affect temperature, ion counts in the air, and even create disturbances in the natural electromagnetic fields of the earth.   Thus, we use instruments that are intended to detect these fluctuations such as: thermal scanners/thermal imagers, air ion counters, and EMF Meters.   Digital voice recorders record voices which can not be heard with the naked ear. 
     The new trend which is now being utilized by ghost hunters is to integrate multiple instruments into one single device.  By integrating multiple detection instruments into one single device, this makes ghost hunting equipment more affordable, and easier to use.



These pieces of equipment are used to aid us in the collection and analyzing of data to help us explain paranormal phenomena!