I captured this photo when I felt like something was following us in the cemetery.  It looks like a floating face.  I used 800 speed film.

I captured this photo while investigating this cemetery.  The legend says that a mother is searching for her child who died at a very you age.  This may be her.

This photo was captured during the same investigation as the photo above, this may be the child looking for it's mother.  I used 800 speed film for both photos.

I captured photo while I was part of another group, it seems like the spirit is making a face at the camera.  800 speed film was used for this photo.

My friend, Chris, captured this photo in 1997 at Gettysburg using 800 speed film.

I captured this photo with 800 speed film.  It appears to be a vortex, a gate to another dimension.  Notice the spirit which seems to be entering it.

I captured this spirit in a cemetery using 800 speed film.  It looks like a bunch of spirits rising from their graves. 

I captured this photo using 400 speed film while investigating a cemetery on October 31, 2001.  This was my first halloween investigation about a month after I became involved with investigating the paranormal.  There was a LOT of activity occurring this night.  We heard disembodied whispers in our ears and I heard a little girl giggling at 1 AM in the middle of this cemetery.  Creepy!