On Saturday, April 20, 2024, Janice, Mikayla, and myself did a casual investigation of a local cemetery. The moon phase was a waxing gibbous.  The temperature was about 50 degree Fahrenheit, and it was extremely windy.  Janice said she heard "something" several times during the investigation, and then time stamped the recorder, so it easy to find upon review.  Some of these EVPs were difficult to hear, and I believe it was due to the high winds, which interfered with our audio recording.  

This EVP, I believe, says "go away."

http://sslapinsky.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/go away mikrecorder.mp3|go away mikrecorder

I'm not sure what this EVP says, but it sounds like it says "stay" or "Steve"

http://sslapinsky.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/something stay.mp3|something stay

EVP saying "sexy babe" while we were talking about Taylor Swift

http://sslapinsky.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/sexy babe.mp3|sexy babe

I cant understand what this EVP is saying


Undistinguished EVP that sounds like "you got..."

http://sslapinsky.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/you got.mp3|you got