"People tend to fear that which they do not understand. 


Therefore, nothing in life should be feared; only understood."





Rest In Peace, Dave Shosh Jr. You are greatly missed, brother!









      LVOSS was established on October 15, 2008 by the founder, Stephen Slapinsky.  Our mission is to spread the study of paranormal phenomena and to better help individuals become more educated, understanding, and accepting of this study.  This is the reason why the group is called the "Lehigh Valley Organization of Supernatural Studies."  We do not just investigate an alleged haunting, but we also study it and try to find out if the area is haunted and then why, if appropriate, the area is haunted.  We also then decide if and how we are to deal with a possible haunting, most of the time the spirit resides there and does not wish to harm anyone, but sometimes action may be required for more malevolent spirits, such as demons.     


     We devote our time and energy to studying how and why spirits exist as well as debunking natural occurrences which are misconstrued as being paranormal.  We also study new techniques in which to investigate spirits, and we are always thinking of new theories about what spirits are and how to investigate them.     

      The paranormal field is ambiguous because no one can absolutely prove how spirits exist or act.  However, with the advancement in technology and attention drawn to this field from various television ghost hunting programs more and more people are becoming interested in investigating paranormal phenomena and seek to find answers.  Stephen has been personally investigating the paranormal since 2001.  Stephen has experienced many different encounters and unexplained phenomena and looks forward to encountering new experiences.   

      We take both a professional and logical approach to all of our investigations; which means we use our detection tools to measure supernatural phenomena, and disprove any natural explanations.  We are very skeptical of all of our results and we try to find a logical explanation, if any, in an attempt to disprove any results we capture.   

     We trust what our equipment tells us, not our feelings.  Our bodies tend to play tricks on us when exposed to certain environments such as dark environments which can trigger different psychological effects in a person.  These effects can vary from claustrophobia, a feeling of being watched, and, of course, these can lead to the person to get a "creepy feeling" which may be misconstrued as a spiritual presence.  Naturally, we are skeptical of an psychics, unless they prove to be convincing.  Stephen has experience investigating cemeteries, business, and private residences for signs of paranormal entities.  

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